MOFA Qatar application

MOFA Qatar application has been developed to provide easy access to information and services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar (MOFA). One of the highlights of the application is the travel pre-registration service, which allows users to register and share their travel details through a secure connection with the Ministry. Another important service provided by MOFA app is “Request Assistance”, where citizens can submit emergency requests in real time. The application also provides information on Qatari missions abroad, accredited diplomatic missions in Qatar, and visa requirements, for both Qataris traveling abroad and non-Qataris traveling to Qatar. The application can be downloaded for use on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.



What is the MOFA application?

The MOFA application is created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a communications platform between citizens and residents in Qatar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who can use the application?

Anyone can benefit from the available information in the app.  However, citizens have exclusive use of specific functions such as the request assistance function and the travel pre-registration.

How can I download the application?

The application is available on iOS and Android Mobile devices. Simply search ‘MOFA Qatar’ on App Store or Google Play.

What are the services provided in this application?

The app features a number of services, namely: travel pre-registration, which allows citizens to register their travel details; request assistance in case of emergencies; attestation status check. The application also provides auxiliary services, such as currency exchange information, weather forecasts, and prayer times.

What information is provided in this application?

The application provides contact details of Qatar’s missions abroad and the accredited missions in Qatar, toll free numbers, visa and attestation information, and MOFA news.

One of the features of the application is “Send Your Location.” Does this mean the application can track my location at anytime?

No, the application only sends your location to the Ministry when you request assistance through the ‘send my location’ option.

I don’t want the Ministry tracking me at all times. How do I disable this feature?

The Ministry is not able to track you at all times. The application only sends your location to the Ministry when you request assistance. However, depending on your phone, you can disable location services from your settings.

What else can I do in case of an emergency abroad?

In the Qatar Missions Abroad section, you’ll find the numbers of all Qatari embassies and missions around the world. You can also make free phone calls to MOFA using its toll free service, which is available in a number of countries; information about this services can be found in the Toll Free section in the application.

How can I contact the embassy in the country I’m traveling to?

You can find full contact details (including locations) of all Qatari embassies abroad in the section: Qatar’s Missions Abroad or the section Location Map.

Is travel pre-registration important?

Yes. It allows MOFA to reach you in case of any emergencies in the country you are travelling to.

Can I get visa information on the application?

The application provides information on visa requirements for citizens traveling abroad and non-citizens who wish to travel to Qatar.

Do I have to update the application to receive the latest news?

The application constantly checks for updates and will notify the user to update the content.

How can MOFA reach the users of its mobile application?

Either by referring to the information they provided through the travel pre-registration service, or by sending a push notification to all users of the application.