Human Rights in the State of Qatar

The State of Qatar firmly believes that the promotion and protection of human rights constitute a strategic choice and a key factor for the economic, social, cultural and environmental transformation of the State. Qatar National Vision 2030 confirmed this, as it included important areas affecting the main issues of human rights in the fields of education, health, the environment, labor rights, women’s empowerment, and child rights. The State of Qatar has adopted many legislative measures related to the promotion and protection of human rights. Law No. 12 of 2015 was issued, which granted the National Human Rights Committee independence, and secured its members with immunity and legal guarantees, in order to enable the committee to perform its work and tasks with freedom and transparency. Qatar is currently preparing the National Plan for Human Rights, in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ resolution issued in 2014.

The State of Qatar is a member of the Human Rights Council, and it has an active role in promoting the functions of the Council, which stipulates achieving universal respect for all values and principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination, as well as effectively addressing human rights violations committed all over the world.

The State of Qatar pays great attention to strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation and working with friendly countries, international and regional organizations and global bodies. This is evident in its accession to more than 328 Arab, regional and international organizations and bodies in various social, economic, environmental, political, cultural and scientific fields. It is also keen to provide support to all international organizations and United Nations bodies by all available means, and to provide the requirements for their work to enable them to carry out their tasks and achieve the goals for which they were established. This is evident through making voluntary donations to many United Nations funds and programs; about 100 United Nations bodies or entities. In addition, the State of Qatar intends to open regional offices for a number of international organizations in the field of human rights in the State.