History of the Ministry

Decree law No (11) was issued in 1969 for the establishment of a department for foreign affairs. In 1970, the sections of the department were set up by decision No 8 of 1970.

In 1971, a law was issued to establish the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which the department of foreign affairs was to be incorporated. Law No (26) was later issued in December 1971 on the diplomatic and consular corps system, and on designating the diplomatic missions to include embassies, commissions, consulates, and the offices of the permanent delegations of the State of Qatar abroad.

Laws on organizing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assigning its functions and outlining its organizational structure followed in succession. A law in 1976 and law No (13) for 1993 were issued to organize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In light of the developments taking place on the international arena, a new law was issued in 2005 to define the functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as follows:

  • Introduce the State globally; disseminate information about its cultural values and policies; and protect its interests abroad.
  • Develop the necessary proposals for foreign policy planning and implementation in coordination with the concerned authorities in the State.
  • Conduct the necessary contacts and discussions to pave the way for concluding agreements and treaties, and make arrangements and procedures related to their conclusion, implementation and supervision.
  • Conduct contacts with the Qatari ministries and authorities, foreign governments and their diplomatic missions and the regional and international organizations.
  • Propose and present the State's foreign policy to HH the Amir for approval and follow up on its implementation.
  • Organize the exchange of diplomatic and consular representation with Arab and foreign countries and regional and international organizations.
  • Protect the interests of Qatar and its citizens abroad.
  • Propose draft laws and regulations related to the functions of the Ministry.