To have a distinguished foreign policy for the State of Qatar at both regional and international levels, and care for the interests of citizens abroad.


Adopt well-established policies that achieve the aspirations and interests of the people of Qatar and the strategic interests of the State.



  • To promote and enhance international cooperation with all countries and organizations towards the achievement of world peace.
  • To consolidate Qatar's bilateral and multilateral relations to best serve the goals of Qatar's general policy.
  • To contribute to development efforts in the various fields.
  • To provide excellent services to citizens abroad.
  • To build and develop the capacity of the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the various diplomatic, consular and administrative fields.


Functions of the Ministry

In addition to the functions specified in Law No. (5) of 1970 defining the powers of ministers and the functions of ministries and other government agencies, the Ministry performs the following:

  1. Introduce the State globally; disseminate information about its cultural values and policies; and protect its interests abroad.
  2. Propose and present the State's foreign policy to HH the Amir for approval and follow up on its implementation.
  3. Develop the necessary proposals for foreign policy planning and implementation in coordination with the concerned authorities in the State.
  4. Survey global events and developments, in addition to follow up, analyze and evaluate them, in preparation for submitting reports to the concerned authorities in the country, along with recommendations.
  5. Strengthen and develop political, economic, commercial, cultural and other relations between the State and other countries.
  6. Organize the exchange of diplomatic and consular representation with Arab and foreign countries and regional and international organizations.
  7. Draw up and implement the rules related to the organization of protocol affairs, immunities, exemptions and diplomatic privileges.
  8. Issue and renew Qatari diplomatic, special and mission passports, and supervise entry and transit visas granted by Qatari representative missions abroad on foreign passports.
  9. Renew ordinary passports for citizens abroad, and issue transit tickets to return to Qatar for Qatari nationals who lost their passports abroad, in accordance with the rules and instructions set by the Ministry of Interior.
  10. Secure the State's participation in regional and international organizations, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, in coordination with the concerned ministries and other agencies.
  11. Prepare for regional and international conferences organized or commissioned by the Ministry, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  12. Issue the necessary credentials for the delegations participating in conferences.
  13. Conduct the necessary communications and discussions to conclude agreements and treaties, and make arrangements and procedures for their execution and implementation, and monitor their application.
  14. Conduct negotiations related to political agreements, in consultation with the concerned authorities, and participate with the concerned authorities in the negotiations related to non-political agreements, whenever the need arises.
  15. Protect the interests of Qatar and its citizens abroad.
  16. Conduct contacts between national Qatari ministries and agencies and foreign governments and their diplomatic missions and regional and international agencies and organizations.
  17. Propose draft laws and regulations related to the functions of the Ministry.