The State of Qatar attaches great importance to human development. Thanks are due to its wise leadership which always emphasizes the importance of the human element as the main source of development.

Formal education was established in the State of Qatar in 1952, and the pace of educational development in the state accelerated until it included every population gathering for both sexes and at all stages up to university education.

The state has established many schools, universities, colleges, and research and training centers that have contributed to developing the skills of human cadres, and have attracted many international schools and universities.

The State of Qatar also encourages the establishment of private educational institutions of all kinds and provides them with continuous support in the legal and supervisory aspects.

In 2004, Qatar launched an initiative to develop public education in the state under the slogan "Education for a New Era", which aimed at providing the best means of education for children. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is responsible for drawing up the educational policy in the state, developing the educational plan and supervising its implementation to achieve Qatar Vision 2030 in building a Qatari individual capable of effective participation in all aspects of life.


Education Sector Achievements

The general framework of the national education curriculum for the State of Qatar has been completed, and a project has been launched to develop and raise the efficiency of primary school students in reading, writing and mathematics. In addition, it aimed at expanding the application of e-learning, developing the examination system, modernizing the adult education system and establishing evening education centers.

A secondary school for banking sciences and business administration for girls, a specialized school for students with autism disorder and mild-moderate intellectual disability, and a secondary school for science and technology for boys applying STEM programs were opened in September 2018.


Public Education

In 2017, the State of Qatar ranked first in the Arab world and ninth in the world in the Basic Education Quality Index, which consists of primary (six years), preparatory (three years), and secondary (three years) education, with a unique educational system.

A parallel track for adult education at the secondary level was developed, and an evening center was opened at the Qatar Technical Secondary School for Boys. Procedures for the executive plan for the project to establish a technical secondary city for girls were developed and implemented.



Private Education

Private education constitutes a large percentage of the education sector in terms of the number of students and schools in Qatar. The state attaches great importance to private education and supports it by providing educational guidance, health care, and water and electricity fees exemption.

The State is trying to attract and encourage the private sector to open international schools, provide lands for them, and establish schools for limited-income migrant students, in addition to establishing a technical school in the private sector for students with disabilities.


Higher Education

The state is interested in providing opportunities for higher education and scientific research in all fields and disciplines to raise educational efficiency and quality of outputs, as it is the source for graduates qualified to work in development activities in society, and an area for research and studies of interest to society. The number of higher education institutions has reached (30) universities and colleges, which offer (168) programs for undergraduate studies and (131) postgraduate master's and doctoral programs.

The scholarship system has been updated; the number of students on scholarships inside and outside the state has increased. The educational certificates equivalency system has been established, and a department for public and private higher education institutions has been established and licensed. In addition, the cultural attaché in the United States was opened.

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Education in Qatar

Qatar University


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Qatar University is the only national educational institution, which was founded in 1973 and officially turned into an integrated university in 1977. The university currently includes ten colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Administration and Economics, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Law, College of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. There are currently (52) postgraduate programs at Qatar University that are designed in response to the national needs of the State of Qatar.

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Qatar Foundation


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Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development in Doha, which was opened in 1996, leads the efforts to achieve leadership in human, social and economic development in the State of Qatar. This is achieved through education and research, making it at the forefront of constructive change in the region, hence becoming an example in the international community.

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