Qatar Welcomes All Initiatives and Efforts Aimed at Ending the War in Yemen

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Doha / Information Office / March 22

Following the announcement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of its initiative aimed at ending the Yemeni crisis and reaching a comprehensive political solution, the State of Qatar Announced its welcome to all initiatives and efforts aimed at ending the war in the Republic of Yemen and putting an end to the tragedy of the Yemeni people.

In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the State of Qatar's aspiration for the comprehensive political track and the national reconciliation to be the path that brings together all actors in the Yemeni scene and the international community as a whole in order to achieve the aspirations of the brotherly Yemeni people for security, stability and prosperity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the position of the State of Qatar calling for resolving the Yemeni crisis on the basis of the Gulf initiative and the relevant Security Council resolutions, in particular Resolution No. 2216.