Qatar: "Effective Tackling of Arab Region's Challenges Requires Sincerity of Intent, Appropriate Conditions"

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Doha / Information Office / May 24  

The State of Qatar said it has followed the call by the United States to hold a workshop on the investment and economic situation in the region scheduled to be held in Manama next month, as per the related announcement .

In a statement today , The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the State of Qatar believes that there are many economic and investment challenges, some of which are linked to structural problems in the economic and institutional structure of the region's countries and some are related to regional and international geopolitical conditions.

"Effective of tackling these challenges requires sincerity of intent, concerted efforts from regional and international players and appropriate political conditions for economic prosperity," it said.

It added : "These conditions would not be achieved without fair political solutions to the issues of the peoples of the region, especially the Palestinian issue, in accordance with a framework acceptable to the brotherly Palestinian people, based on ending the Israeli occupation and establishing a fully sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the right of return for Palestinian refugees, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy. "

The statement stressed that the State of Qatar will spare no effort to contribute to addressing all the challenges facing the Arab region as a whole, while maintaining its firmed principled positions and the highest interests of the Arab peoples, including the brotherly Palestinian people.