Qatar Condemns Missile Attacks on Saudi Cities

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Doha - Information Office - 26 March 

The State of Qatar condemned the missile attacks that targeted a number of populated cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

In a statement issued today, the Foreign Ministry said the attacks violate international humanitarian law and relevant U.N. resolutions, especially Security Council Resolution 2216 on Yemen.

The statement added that the continued firing of missiles will lead to further military escalation in the region and undermine the chances of ending the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

The statement reiterated the State of Qatar's rejection of any military attacks against cities and civilians as they violate all humanitarian laws and values as well as international principles, particularly international humanitarian law.

Additionally, the statement called on the international community, the Security Council in particular, to take all measures to prevent such attacks and protect cities and innocent civilians.

The statement called on all Yemeni parties to prioritize the national interest and engage in a comprehensive positive dialogue in order to end this useless war and restore stability to Yemen and the region.