Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Takes Part in World Governments Summit in Dubai

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Dubai - February 12 

HE Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani participated Monday in the World Governments Summit 2024, held in Dubai in the sisterly United Arab Emirates under the theme: "Shaping Future Governments".

HE Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the wide participation of governments and organizations in the summit is an important indicator for the success of the summit which has become an important milestone in promoting the government work and discussing its developments, adding that the event is a testament to the success made by the sisterly United Arab Emirates in leading the dialogue between governments and professionals globally.

The World Governments Summit brings together 120 government delegates, as well as over 85 regional and international organizations and institutions, in addition to a contingent of thought leaders and global experts in the presence of more than 4000 participants.
The summit discuses avenues for reaching shared visions to promote the government work, forge cooperation among the world governments, share expertise and focus on inspired stories and models that left positive footprints in the government work and made a real change to the reality of their states and communities.

During the summit, high-level ministerial meetings are convened, including the ministerial meeting of ministers concerned with sustainable development, a ministerial meeting to discuss the overview of the next generation of the future governments, the meeting of Arab finance ministers, a consultative meeting with the labour ministers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GGC) states and the meeting of energy ministers to discuss the future of hydrogen energy.