Qatar Renews Support for Special Committee on UN Charter and on Strengthening of Role of Organization

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New York - Media & Communication Dept. - November 05

The State of Qatar reiterated its support for the efforts of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization in clarifying the provisions of international law and the UN Charter in addition to supporting the organization's reform process.

This came in the State of Qatar's statement delivered by Member of the Delegation of the State of Qatar to the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly Sarah Al Doh, before the Sixth Committee (Legal) on the Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and Strengthening the Role of the Organization.

Based on its policy based on respect for the rules of international law, Al Doh stated that the State of Qatar attaches special importance to the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means, which is a fundamental pillar of the United Nations Charter and among its most important purposes.

She noted that the prominent role played by Qatari diplomacy in the field of mediation in settling disputes by peaceful means and dialogue has won the State of Qatar the international community's confidence and praise. The State of Qatar's Delegation Member pointed out that the State of Qatar continues its role as a mediator in many crises in the pursuit of peace, security and stability regionally and internationally.

Al Doh indicated that the State of Qatar acted as an honest and reliable mediator to promote the peace process in Afghanistan, explaining that Doha was an effective platform to facilitate the peace and reconciliation process among the Afghan parties.
She added that in light of recent developments, the State of Qatar is seeking to work with international partners to achieve the aspirations of the Afghan people.

Al Doh also renewed the State of Qatar's call to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation and the protection of human rights, especially the rights of women and girls, highlighting the State of Qatar's efforts in terms of facilitating and providing aid and logistical procedures to deliver aid to the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan.

The Qatari delegation's member referred to the Chadian peace talks hosted by Doha with the participation of the Transitional Military Council of the Republic of Chad as well as the political and military movements in Chad, in addition to the African Union, the European Union, and the United States, pointing out that the talks discussed drawing a road plan for legislative and presidential elections at the end of the transitional period.

Al Doh added that the talks resulted in the signing of the Doha Peace Agreement and the Participation of Politico-Military Movements in the Chadian National, Inclusive, and Sovereign Dialogue, under the auspices of the State of Qatar, by the Chadian parties in August, paving the way for the start of the national dialogue in the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, to reach a comprehensive national reconciliation.