Qatar Strongly Condemns the Targeting of Iranian Consulate in Damascus
The State of Qatar strongly condemns the attack that targeted the Iranian Consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and led to deaths and injuries. It also considers the attack a flagrant violation of international agreements and conventions and diplomatic norms that criminalize attacks on the premises of diplomatic missions.
Qatar Condemns in the Strongest Terms the Announcement of the Israeli Occupation’s Confiscation of Land in Jordan Valley in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
The State of Qatar condemns in the strongest terms the Israeli occupation's announcement of the confiscation of land in Jordan Valley in the Occupied Palestinian territories, and considers it an extension of its systematic policy aimed at expanding settlements, forcibly displacing the Palestinian people, and depriving them of their rights without scruples.
Qatar Welcomes the Appointment of a UN Special Envoy to Combat Islamophobia
The State of Qatar welcomes the adoption by the UN General Assembly of a resolution on measures to combat Islamophobia and the appointment of a UN Special Envoy concerned with combating "Islamophobia". It also expresses its hope that this step will contribute to reducing the rising hate speech and "Islamophobia" throughout world.