Qatar Expresses Deep Concern over Banning Afghan Women from Working in NGOs

Doha - Media & Communication Dept. - December 25 

The State of Qatar expresses its deep concern over the Afghan caretaker government's decision to ban Afghan women from working in local and foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) until further notice, under the pretext that some female employees do not adhere to the Islamic dress code set by the government for women. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses the need to respect women's right to work, given that the freedom to choose and accept work is a human right recognized by international covenants and committed to by all countries of the world. Also, the State of Qatar calls on the caretaker government to review its decision to enable women to work in the various jobs available to them in the organizations in a way that helps the distribution and flow of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. 

The Ministry underlines the State of Qatar's position supporting all spectra of Afghan people to obtain all their rights, including the right to work.